Carrot in the Box

Bluff as well as possible!
2+ players
Two boxes, Carrot
Guesswork, Mystery, Strategy, Social

How to play

The two players are standing facing each other. Between them there are two boxes, one for player A, the other for player B. Player A starts, he may look into his box. The other player (B) may not look into the box and does not know what is in his box (or the other). Player A can now either keep his own Box, or swap it with B's box. In addition, he may speak about his motives, why he keep the box or switched it. Once A is ready and happy, B's turn starts. He now may take the ultimate decision: does he keep his current box, or does he switch it with the current box of A? His decision is final - whichever box he chooses, is his. Aim of the game for both players obviously is to end up with the carrot. For that, player A has to bluff as best as possible, so that B ultimately selects the wrong (empty) box. B on the other hands needs to call the bluff of A. B has the "easier" task, as he has the ultimate decision; on the other hand, he has much less information than A (who actually knows which box contains the carrot).